Chuck Finley

He spent a decade in the arena killing and being killed. Now he's back on the streets.


XP spent:
Lethal Mien: 6
Mantle (Summer) 3: 6
Stone 5: 20
Hearth 2: 8
Strength 4: 20
Composure 3: 15
Dexterity 3: 15
Empathy 1: 3
Subterfuge 1: 3
Mantle (Summer) 4: 8
Mantle (Summer) 5: 10
Wits 3: 15

Spent/Total: 129/141
“Hedge Experience”: 8


After leaving the Hedge with his former cell mate, Jacks, Chuck stumbled his way to the place he once knew as home. Upon arriving, he saw balloons on the mailbox and wondered what the occasion could be. Sitting at a table in the backyard was a boy celebrating his 12th birthday, but it wasn’t just any boy. It was Chuck, barely any older than when he was taken. In anger and confusion he fled, his Glamour enriched stride carrying him into a part of London he did not recognize.

Regaining himself, he looked around to find others who were deformed and misshapen like himself and possessing similar inhuman miens. He had found the London Below and was almost immediately approached by a representative of the Summer Court who had felt his great rage. He learned of the community of the Lost and the dangers they face and began helping the Summer Court in its fight against those who would harm the Changelings of London Below, though not as a matter of honor, but a means to test himself so that he might one day kill Brutus, his former captor.

Trying to embrace both his sanity and the power he acquired in the arena, he mingles in the seedier side of the mortal world as a bouncer or general tough as the situation demands.

Chuck Finley

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